Jul 29, 2018

My First Feature Film!!!

So if you aren't following me on Facebook... or Youtube... or Instagram... or Twitter... or LinkedIn... (you get the point lol) what are you doing?????????  No worries, you should probably pause right here though and go do that.  Go ahead.  It's ok! I'll wait!!!.........

Welcome Back! Now that you're apart of the social media fam let's continue!!! 

If you were following me on any of those you would know that on JUNE 20th I found out I was cast in my first feature length film! See my excitement HERE!   Since I found out there have been a whirlwind of emotions.  I recieved my script and of course immediatley read it.  I love it!!!  As with all productions, there have been ups and downs!  I am excited to say, though, that this upcoming weekend (August 4th) we have our first official full cast read through and our production will be under way! 

Of course, I'll be documenting EVERYTHING so make sure you are following me on Youtube (PhoebeRayDay2Day) and all my socials listed above and of course be checking back here to see updates on this film and all my other upcoming projects! 

Phoebe Ray ♥