Jan 6, 2019

Disappointed, But We Move Forward!

Disappointed, But We Move Forward!

I struggled long and hard with how I would announce this and to stay as professional as I could I'm glad I waited until I was calmer to say anything.  Unfortunelty, I will have to wait a little bit longer to say I will be filming my first feature film.  I am deeply saddened and disappointed that I was not able to film at the end of last year, but those are the pitfalls of working on certain projects.  

Unfortunetly, for myself and the rest of the actors and other crew members tied to this project, things were not as organized as they should have been and in the end the whole project was put on hold indefinitely.  Last year was an emotinal roller coaster for me and, as is normal in our industry, things didn't go to plan with this production. I'm not gonna lie, it SUCKED getting the email that production had been canceled and, honestly, by that point I was already so frustrated with how things had been handled.  However, it forced me to step back and assess how I would handle my career moving forward and it has made me really sit down and think about the people I work with in the future.

For now, I am starting my new year off on the right foot, careerwise.  I have gotten myself back into classes.  I audit my first class since moving back to Texas this Tuesday.  I am very excited for that.  I've also started a new project with a very close friend of mine. More to come on that in the future, as we are still working out some of the more tricky details, being in 2 different states.   Last year was, as I mentioned before, one heck of a emotional trip, but I was so lucky to end it on such a high note.  To see what I went through that got me to this point, make sure to checkout the video I made, recapping my 2018 over on YouTube at PhoebeRayDay2Day!

This was definitely a set back, but I never lost focus on what I want for myself.  I was disappointed, but I learned a lot and now I'm moving on to new projects!  It's a brand new year folks and I'm just getting started!

Phoebe Ray ♥